The Importance of GIPS Compliance

August 1, 2023

Many have noticed that every year, we at Curran Investment Management (CIM) send Annual GIPS composite reports. For you, as our client or prospective investor it may strike you as some sort of regulatory requirement and you may pay little attention to it. However, it may interest you to know that GIPS is voluntary, and many managers do not comply with GIPS.

First, What is GIPS?

Launched in 1999 the acronym GIPS stands for Global Investment Performance Standards. GIPS are a globally accepted methodology for calculating and presenting an investment firm’s performance history. This performance history is widely relied upon by investment firms, its clients, and prospects for ensuring consistency of investment firm results. This promotes comparability for participating firms. Rather than different standards, rules and calculations for different countries, one set of standards applies to all participating countries. There are now 41 countries adhering to the GIPS standards.

Performance Authenticity Meets Transparency

Clients and prospects should have increased confidence in the authenticity of the firm’s performance presentation and the general practices of a compliant firm. Investors reviewing GIPS compliant firms can more easily compare performance presentations between different strategies and firms across the globe. Prospective clients have the assurance that a GIPS compliant firm’s historical performance is both complete and fairly presented. GIPS consist of industry best practices. Compliance illustrates a firm’s commitment to the highest ethical standards and practices. Firms adhering to GIPS have adopted a standardized framework and internal controls that ensure consistent and directly comparable investment information.


A firm claiming GIPS compliance adds a significant degree of credibility. Each year, Curran Wealth Management registers with the Chartered Financial Analyst Institute as being GIPS compliant. The intention of registration with a third-party global association is to offer both current and prospective investors increased confidence in the firm’s claim of GIPS compliance.

What is GIPS Compliance?

We follow a process much like others do in pursuing our claim of GIPS compliance. When we first performed our GIPS due diligence, we designed and implemented appropriate policies and procedures at the firm level to ensure that portfolio accounting data is prepared, and investment returns reported in accordance with the rules and guidelines of the Standards. Our policies, procedures and performance data are reviewed on an ongoing basis.

By achieving and maintaining GIPS compliance, we at Curran have enhanced our internal controls by formalizing our policies and procedures, linking operations such as portfolio accounting through to marketing. The sound organizational infrastructure provides the foundation for a solid operational platform to add new investment products. The thorough GIPS requirements greatly improve and enhance reporting transparency by eliminating misrepresentations and seeking to uncover errors and omissions in a firm’s historical account data.

By complying with GIPS standards, we at Curran have voluntarily gone beyond minimum reporting requirements. We have elected to do so to illustrate our commitment to transparent and ethical practices. Our compliance demonstrates our commitment to following rules governing, input data, calculation methodology as well as presentation and reporting.

Please reach out to your Private Wealth Manager with any questions.


Kevin Curran Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Our Financial Planning Process

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