PSN Top Gun Rankings - Q3 2023

November 28, 2023

Each quarter, Zephyr releases its “PSN Top Guns” ranking, an important reference for plan sponsors, investors, and asset managers, showcasing the best performing separate accounts, managed accounts, and managed ETF strategies. While Curran Wealth Management received awards in 7 different categories for the awards quarter ending 9/30/2023, we want to highlight 3 awards in particular.

Large Core Equity Universe

The Large Core Equity Universe is made up of stocks of large-cap companies where neither growth nor value characteristics predominate. Stocks in the top 70% of the capitalization of the U.S. equity market are defined as large cap.

Core Growth Equity - 4 Quarters (1Year) Ending 9/30/2023 – Curran’s Core Growth Equity portfolio ranked 5th in a universe of 250 products from 146 firms with a rate of return (RoR) of 28.8%*. The S&P 500 Index (the index to which this category is benchmarked and measured against) returned 21.6% for the same period.  

Small Midcap Universe

The Small Midcap Universe is made up of companies with market capitalizations between $350 million and $10 billion. These strategies seek to outperform the Russell 2500 Index by taking advantage of the diverse opportunities provided by companies of this size.

SMID Cap Equity - 4 Quarters (1Years) Ending 9/30/2023 – Curran’s SMID Cap Equity portfolio ranked 2nd in a universe of 191 products from 135 firms with a rate of return of 32.4%*. The Russell 2500 Index (the index to which this category is benchmarked and measured against) returned 11.3% for the same period.  

All Cap Universe

The All Cap Universe consists of funds that invest in abroad universe of equity securities with no capitalization mandates or constraints. Stocks may range from nano-cap (under $50 million market value) to mega-cap (over $200 billion).

All Cap Equity - 4 Quarters (1Years) Ending 9/30/2023 – Curran’s All Cap Equity portfolio ranked 10th in a universe of 400 products from 249 firms with a rate of return of 31.9%*. The Russell 3000 Index (the index to which this category is benchmarked and measured against) returned 20.5% for the same period.  

*The RoR figures for Curran’s portfolios are calculated net of fees.

Our Mission

At Curran, our goal is to outperform market indices and provide our customers with a higher rate of return through active portfolio management. We do this by identifying quality companies, investing in a small, diversified number of them, and monitoring their performance, all while remaining nimble enough to make strategic changes quickly and efficiently. These rankings help illustrate the effectiveness of our strategies.

We thank you for allowing us to be your trusted financial advisor. Please reach out to your Private Wealth Manager with any questions.


Kevin Curran

Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Our Financial Planning Process

At Curran we value service over sales and believe quality service yields happy clients. Below is our 4-step process (the first three steps at no cost to you).

Engage & Discover

A short introductory call for us to get to know one other. During this call we will discuss your financial goals, concerns and hopes for the future.

Goals & Data Gathering

In this meeting we will go over your current financial situation, take a deeper look at your goals, discuss your risk tolerances, and collect the data necessary to build a formal proposal.

Proposal & Evaluate

Based on our data gathering session, our Private Wealth Managers will present you with a custom proposal tailored to your needs. We encourage individuals to take the time to evaluate this proposal.


If you are comfortable with the proposal and choose to invest with Curran, our team will be there every step of the way assisting in opening the recommended accounts and facilitating all necessary parts of your onboarding process.