Kevin Curran, CFA Named Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer

March 29, 2023
Originally published JANUARY 27, 2022

We are pleased to announce Kevin Curran’s promotion to Co-CEO. In his new role, Kevin will assist Tom in managing the day-to-day operations and guiding the firm’s growth and direction. Tom’s role, largely remains the same but he will begin sharing the responsibilities of managing Curran Wealth Management. Tom continues to serve as a Kevin’s mentor while continuing to foster his professional growth as he learns the role and its duties.

'In the life of all organizations there comes a time when the old gives way to the new. In our case it has been a gradual but steady trend where I have passed management responsibilities to Kevin and others within Curran. It is the way it should be. It is at Curran. If I were to have waited much longer it would have been better described as “older giving way to the somewhat less old!"

I will remain very much part of the day-to-day operations. It might better be described as sharing more than giving way. I have the greatest confidence in Kevin and our entire management team. You are in good hands.'

- Thomas J. Curran, CEO and Founder

Kevin has been with Curran Wealth Management from its launch in 2004. During his time at Curran, he has served as Research Director followed by his current position as Chief Investment Officer (CIO) in which he has served since 2015. As CIO, Kevin sets the firm’s investment outlook and strategy. In addition, he assures that the firm’s quality investment philosophy is adhered to with all of our clients.

"I am happy returning to the Capital District with my family. Though I have been with Curran since 2004, being in our Albany office introduces a new integral part of my role as Co-CEO and Chief Investment Officer. I look forward to meeting with clients more frequently and building lasting relationships. Working side-by-side with my father on a daily basis, provides invaluable experience."

- Kevin Curran, Co-CEO & Chief Investment Officer

Kevin relocated with his family to Glenmont, NY from Philadelphia, PA during the past summer to begin taking on a more active role in the day-to-day business operations and engage more directly with our clients. With his promotion to Co-CEO, Kevin looks forward to the new responsibility and the opportunity to work more closely with Tom.

We invite you to contact Tom to discuss the change and ask any questions that you may have.

Our Financial Planning Process

At Curran we value service over sales and believe quality service yields happy clients. Below is our 4-step process (the first three steps at no cost to you).

Engage & Discover

A short introductory call for us to get to know one other. During this call we will discuss your financial goals, concerns and hopes for the future.

Goals & Data Gathering

In this meeting we will go over your current financial situation, take a deeper look at your goals, discuss your risk tolerances, and collect the data necessary to build a formal proposal.

Proposal & Evaluate

Based on our data gathering session, our Private Wealth Managers will present you with a custom proposal tailored to your needs. We encourage individuals to take the time to evaluate this proposal.


If you are comfortable with the proposal and choose to invest with Curran, our team will be there every step of the way assisting in opening the recommended accounts and facilitating all necessary parts of your onboarding process.