Useful Information from CIM's Wealth Strategist, Art Dicker

Periodically, Art Dicker, CIM's Wealth Strategist, writes topical pieces for clients of CIM.  If you have not been receiving these pieces through email, please contact your Relationship Manager to update your email address in our records.

If you have any questions regarding the information on this page, or have a particular area of interest you would like Art to touch upon, please contact Art directly at (518) 391-4280.

Social Security - 2016

Social Security - File And Suspend

Taxes and Investing  December 2011 - September 2016

In September 2016 Art Dicker hosted an event on Tax Strategies.  The link below brings you to the presentation from this event:

Commonly Overlooked Tax Strategies 09/27/16


In June 2015 Art Dicker hosted an event focusing on federal gift and estate taxes.  The link below provides information from this presentation: 

Don't Mess with Taxes:  What you should know about federal gift and estate taxes 06/02/15


In February 2013 Art Dicker hosted an event focusing on changes in the tax law. Below is the presentation from this event:

Deep in The Heart of Taxes: What the New Tax Law Means to You 02/07/2013


In an ongoing series, Art Dicker discusses the topic of taxes and investments.  Although the return on your investment is important, how much of that return you keep after taxes is also important.

Taxes and Investing Part XIII - Big changes to the New York estate tax 04/02/2014

Taxes and Investing Part XII - What's new on your 2013 federal income tax return? 01/15/2014

Taxes and Investing Part XI - A tax-efficient way to make charitable contributions 12/16/2013

Taxes and Investing Part X -  Qualified Charitable Contributions Are Back! 01/08/2013

Taxes and Investing Part IX -  When can you deduct investment management fees? 03/10/2014 (updated)

Taxes and Investing Part VIII - Coming in 2013; The new 3.8 surtax on investment income 05/30/2013 (updated)

Taxes and Investing Part VII - How the Alternative Minimum Tax Works 04/12/2012

Taxes and Investing Part VI - Special Rule on the Sale of Collectibles (including certain ETFs) 03/06/2012

Taxes and Investing Part V - Effective tax rate versus marginal tax rate 02/21/2012

Taxes and Investing Part IV - Big changes coming for 2013? 02/09/2012

Taxes and Investing Part III - New IRS cost basis reporting rules 01/12/2012

Taxes and Investing Part II - Types of investment income 01/05/2012

Taxes and Investing Part I - Capital loss harvesting; Qualified charitable distributions 12/21/2011


Another section of Art's taxes and investing series was conducted by conference call on January 19th, 2012. Below is a link to the recording of that conference call.

Taxes and Investing Conference Call 01/19/2012

Correction to recording: In any one year, up to $3000 (not 3% of income) of net capital losses in excess of capital gains can be used to offset other income. Any remaining excess carries over to future years indefinitely.


The ABCs of Roth IRAs - January 2011

What are the advantages of a Roth IRA account?

Who should consider doing a Roth conversion?

Art Dicker addressed these questions and others in a conference call for clients on January 26, 2011.

Click here for the link to “ABCs of Roth IRAs” and it will take you to the recording. The call lasts approximately 15 minutes.

If you have any questions about Roth IRAs, please contact Art Dicker at 518-391-4280 or call your Relationship Manager.

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