Client Driven Investment Policy & Strategy

Strategic Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is one of the primary determinants of investment success and greatly impacts the likelihood you will achieve your goals.


After we have a thorough understanding of your goals, time horizon, income needs, tolerance for risk and investing preferences, we will recommend a strategic asset allocation designed to provide you with your desired long-term rate of return.


  • To achieve your desired long-term rate of return, commitment to your strategic asset allocation requires rebalancing various asset classes.


  • The inclusion of various asset classes varies from one investor to another, but it may include large, mid and small capitalization equities, fixed income and international equities.


  • It is important to recognize that asset allocation is not intended to provide you with the highest return over a few years. It is designed to enhance your long-term return while it decreases your overall risk.



Mitigating Risk through Asset Allocation

Asset allocation is an important risk management strategy. Based on consultation with you regarding risk tolerance and income needs, we decide how much we should invest in each asset class. Fixed income provides income to meet your obligations, as well as a cushion against market declines. We manage fixed income risk by adhering to strict quality ratings and maturity limitations.



Investment Policy Statement


With our strategic asset allocation and investments selected, we create an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) which we sign with you, acknowledging our clear understanding of our responsibilities.


The purpose of an IPS is to clearly set forth:

  • Your  objectives and goals
  • Your tolerance toward risk and expectations for return
  • Define your strategic asset allocation and establish rebalancing guidelines
  • Communicate any limitations or restrictions placed upon us as your advisor
  • Establish review practices and how we will measure our success at achieving your goals


This is a living, dynamic document which is reviewed at least annually and updated as changes in your situation occur.



Quality Client Service


It is important that any strategy we implement be continuously monitored and reviewed in light of changes in your circumstances.

Our consultative approach provides you with a highly personalized level of service. We understand you are unique and have special needs. To create a successful wealth strategy, we must learn all we can about you, recognizing there are many issues which impact your financial picture. We take the time to listen to your hopes and dreams for your future.

We believe in frequent communication. We meet with our clients regularly to communicate our results in the management of their portfolio and discuss any changes to their investment profile.

Clients receive regular written communication, to include our monthly investment letter, Curran Views,as well as quarterly market letters.

We recognize the importance of working with your tax and legal advisors. Through these relationships, we believe we can share our goal of providing you with the best advice for your unique circumstances.

We are committed to providing you with the highest level of service and attention, whether you are a new client, or one with whom we have a trusted, long-term relationship.

We provide you with comprehensive quarterly reports which allow you to monitor our progress at achieving your goals.

                Our quarterly reports provide:

  • Summary of overall asset allocation and asset allocation for each respective account
  • Rate of return, after the deduction of fees, for each of your respective accounts and individual asset classes relative to an appropriate blended benchmark
  • Rate of return, after the deduction of fees, for your consolidated investment portfolio, to include all of your respective accounts
  • Portfolio Appraisal for each account which identifies each investment’s market sector, cost basis, realized/unrealized gain or loss, income and percentage represented in your portfolio
  • A clear summary of fees charged to your account during the quarter


Broad Range of Solutions

The investment process begins at the very first meeting, as we learn about your goals, tolerance for risk and income needs. Based on these discussions, we determine an appropriate asset allocation and construct a portfolio that is tailored to your needs.

We recognize there is real value in providing you with a specialized menu of investment options, rather than every product available. You may choose to have your assets managed by our firm or you may decide to use outside managers or mutual funds to achieve your goals. A clear illustration of the benefits and costs of each strategy will be presented so you may objectively evaluate each alternative.

Our Investment Committee applies a strict screening process for all investment options we recommend. The Committee continuously monitors all recommended investments and investment managers.


For more information on any of our services or seeking a free portfolio review, email us at or call us at (518) 391-4200