Investment Style

For most investors who have accumulated substantial assets, a well-diversified portfolio of individual securities is an effective way to build wealth. Separate account management allows us to build a portfolio that is tailored to meet your unique financial situation.

Curran believes in the traditional, time-tested buy-and-hold approach. We are long-term investors committed to identifying superior companies that we can own for long periods of time.

Our investment style is considered a Core style, meaning our stock selection process does not preclude us from purchasing companies based on their size or style. We want to own the very best companies that we believe offer the greatest opportunity for long-term growth. We do not discriminate in terms of market capitalization and we are able to offer our clients a well-diversified portfolio, which may include large, mid and small capitalization companies. We consider both growth and value companies that meet our selection criteria:

  • Consistent earnings growth at rates higher than 10%
  • Resilience to the economic cycle
  • Return on equity of more than 15% and retention of most, if not all, of a company's earnings
  • Strong balance sheet
  • Superior management
  • Low debt to equity ratio

We utilize several data resources in gathering historical information, as well as annual and quarterly reports. Using quantitative and fundamental analysis, we determine a sustainable growth rate. Securities that meet our criteria are continuously monitored and evaluated relative to market and industry conditions.

Our objective is to build and protect your wealth over time. Although we believe in investing for the long-term, we recognize that sometimes it may be necessary to sell one of our holdings sooner than we expected. It may be due to a fundamental change in the direction of a company, disappointing earnings over a significant period of time or deterioration of a company's balance sheet. If we believe that this will negatively impact the way this company will perform in the future, we will sell the security and move on, investing the proceeds in another opportunity.

Our low portfolio turnover lends itself to tax-efficiency. In addition, we actively manage realized gains and losses to minimize tax liability.

Risk Management  

We strive to provide superior risk-adjusted returns. We manage risk by building a diversified portfolio which includes sectors that have historically experienced sustainable and consistent growth. We invest only in companies that have demonstrated financial strength and a history of delivering predictable earnings over different market cycles. We are not speculators or traders - we are analytical and patient.

Individual security risk is managed by monitoring the valuation of positions to ensure that we do not become significantly over weighted in a single security or industry group.