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We are pleased to offer you eDelivery, free of charge.

Curran Investment Management is encouraging all of our clients to enroll in the Fidelity eDelivery program. This easy switch is simple and offers you superior protection, convenience, efficiency, and much more.

Why choose eDelivery?


  • Unlimited access to your current and past (up to 10 years) account information

  • Eliminates the clutter in your mail box, no need for extra storage space

It’s Simple and Secure

  • Enhanced Security Features

    - Your private personal information will be protected by a password,  making it much more secure than an envelope in your mailbox


  • Easy access, navigation and management of your account information all in one place


  • Instant access to your statements eliminating the 3 day postal wait

  • Electronically move money between your bank and Fidelity, and enroll in direct deposit

Go green!

  • Help make a positive environmental impact

First step?

Contact your Relationship Manager to facilitate an email from Fidelity at
(518) 391-4200.

Or go to

Please contact us with any questions, or if you need help through the process.

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